Paying some visits in northwest Oklahoma last year, I ignored everybody’s advice and got a motel room by myself where I wanted to be.  I’ll honor my hunches forever, after that.

A freezing cold wind was blasting over the wheat  fields and whooshing down the streets of the town. Where all the tumbleweeds came from I’ll never know. But they were floating and bobbing down every sidewalk.

It didn’t take much to keep me indoors, so I looked around at the people who’d be riding out the storm with me.  I glanced one way and stopped.  This guy was a new breed and I was going to write about him.

I instantly named him ‘Titus.’  He was lounging across the night clerk’s desk in a gorgeous languid manly way.  They were reminiscing about the tornadoes that regularly flattened his part of OKC.

I listened to him and watched for a couple of hours. Then I went to my room, cranked up my laptop and wrote what I saw.  I haven’t stopped.


Titus & Cody were electric.  Not too many people spin through life at such a blinding, unfathomable speed.  They were vital; they lived like every second was precious. It all mattered!

They were life-givers. Family, friends, clients and strangers somehow depended on them to keep things going.

They both grew up in OK, but his mom plopped him outside her hillbilly uncle’s shack.

After Titus’s mother got rid of him, she didn’t even glance at her baby.  Didn’t look over her shoulder to worry if her uncle was even alive any more. She washed her hands of Titus,  forever.

His uncle was still alive and his shack was full of his own kids. But Uncle Slim shared what he had and looked on Titus as part of his life.  Slim knew perfectly well who the baby’s mother was.

Cody had a much easier life – at least until she got to high school. Her folks were deeply-respected doctors in a small town.  When she was 15 her folks lost most of their money.

Cody worked at the dime store and they piled into a couple of rooms above the general store.  Cody’s folks were thankful for all she was doing, but the shock was too much for them, after owning one of the finest homes in the state.  They died not long after that.

As a child, Titus saw the sacrifices Slim made to keep him.  He paid his way and continued while he grew into a man.  He went to the local school, but he also worked. Hard.

He took any ranch work he could find.  He was tall and got taller. His muscles filled his chest, arms, every inch of his body.

First he built fences, stabbing post hole diggers through the hard red mountain.  Ranch life was easy after that, even if it meant being a cowboy on some other family’s ranch.

Then he found the work he loved: the Oklahoma oilfields. He took on every job there, if the company would allow it or not. He also made contacts all across the US and even in a few foreign countries where he worked.

Unfortunately, Titus thought, oil field men had a bad rep and no amount of money would make it disappear. People are fine if I don’t ask much from them.

Even walking on the same side of the street as an oil worker was breaking some kind of small-town code.  I’ll never  forget town people crossing the street to avoid me or one of my buds. I think the final insult came with these words hollered by gangs of town kids. they’d probably learned it from their folks.


Oil  field  cash

Oil field trash!

Our money’s fine in their stores, but that’s what they really think of us.  Well, that’s OK.

But Titus never forgot his plan and this made him to stick to it.

When he figured he knew enough, he stopped working on rigs.  No more ugly words following him. He  moved to Oklahoma City and started an oil consulting firm.

That year he got wealthy.

He usually wore hand-tailored suits  when he visited a client. The day he was trapped in that motel, though,  he wore western.

Cody was restless and annoyed. Why am I stuck in Enid, OK while a tornado blows through?

She looked around the motel but her eyes froze on one man.

Cody knew a man of quality when she saw one.  Handsome and strong, sure, but he had to be brave, too, and fun.  Her ears tingled when the clerk said the guy’s name. “Sure thing, Titus.”

Cody was getting interested. Well, this Titus is hot.  His muscles round out his jeans and his cowboy shirt is tight across his chest.  But I just know he’s  rich: those boots alone would cost a fortune.

Listening to him talk about the tornado belt where he lived, she knew that he was several rungs beyond her up the property ladder.  His house and office, the barns and horses, the boats and vehicles.  But something told that her that this hot rich dude fit in nowhere.


That’s the first 650 words, the free part.

I’ve written a clean romance.  I focus on the budding love between Cody and Titus and how the love-explosions take  control.  Despite al that, these two have some hills to climb, believe me.

The writing is tight and tension is high. So is the sensuality.  Like every good love story, there’s a beginning, middle and a HEA.  I’m happy, too,  and I’m proud of my work.

This is a work in progress, but I know where we’re going. My goal is to have camera-ready copy prepared before March 1, 2018.

I’ll keep writing you here, telling  you where to find the book while I’m writing it, if that’s needed.  I’ve included you all as co-creators of Sexy Oil Field Lover.  I like to think of my readers enjoying themselves with my books, too,  and critiquing them when they can.

You might not care about this, but the Creative Writer in me cares.  I heard that beautiful Okie  small town talk and I wrote it, just different enough so the reading’s as smooth as silk.

Country people down there are pretty dramatic, and their words  seem to haunt those piney woods.

And know what?   The waitress really does call you ‘Baby.’


So the idea came to me, watching this gorgeous dude in a motel lobby during a tornado. Thank you for reading my new book.

All the Best!

Julia Bates

But why don’t you just call me ‘Julie’?




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Best-selling Indie author Victorine E. Lieske is an expert on SELLING E BOOKS

There are many places on the Net where you can read about Victorine’s stunning success.  Writer Joe Konrath’s blog is  awesome for his financial and e book sales figures as well as hers.  Just keep scrolling down after reading her guest blog.


Her latest published clean romance is Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend. It’s also a stand-alone novel, at Amazon for 99 cents.  (It’s adorable, sensual and filled with startling changes of direction. And it’s hilarious.  It also reminds us of the hope we might have lost over the year.  She made me believe it’s still there.)

Besides a newly released stand-alone (and quite a few projects to help writers) Vickie’s posted her unpublished but (to my eyes) quite good novel in progress.  The first couple of chapters are a free read here


Don’t be intimidated by the digital sales talk — unless you need to ask a professional a question. The posting is there so readers and writers can …. read her work.

Enjoy! and always write me.

Julia Bates


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Writing travel or short stories: pay attention to this!

A  friend just wrote this and thought I’d share it with you.  Her site’s mdaviswrites.wordpress.com.  She’s blogged up international travel, with plenty of pics from a world — esp. Nepal — that doesn’t exist in the same form.


Hands-on help: Short & travel stories (So This is why Willa Cather lived in New York)


D.H. Lawrence:  “A writer needs a home.”

True words from one of the best. But there are gale-force winds and hellish adjustments that I must make, every minute, just to survive.

Online dictionaries , especially the city-wise ones, tell you more than Lawrence ever did about sex.  But you can learn how to write, to a large extent, by  following  authors like Lawrence.  Read his plays, travel stories and essays, too.

Lawrence makes language suit the story he’s writing.  The Man from San Francisco was written by Russian I B  Butin and edited or translated by several people, including Lawrence. (Also Virginia Woolfe.)  The best version I’ve unearthed is from a university library, Stories from The Dial (Dial Press, 1924).


I’m in Nebraska this month.  I came here to enjoy the winter, though my first thought was “So This is why Willa Cather lived in New York after she got famous!”


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Jet-lag and culture shock have been doing their worst to me.  Yet I’m feeling myself return to life.

I can even look back at all those ‘lost years’ and be glad they happened, and glad that I’m back.

Writing in the US is more competitive than it was 20 years ago. And interruptions are more frequent.  I think that most people know how to cope with those things, but I’m still a gosling, half-reeling and stunned.


Best to you all.  More tomorrow.  (time to hit the bike trails! American sunsets are magnificent, aren’t they?)  Julie


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Feed a homeless person on Earth Day 2017

Homelessness exists even on Earth Day. Homeless shelters are regularly full & they must turn people away.

Please remember to give to facilities that give meals to homeless people. Don’t shame these homeless people: just get some food to them. Counter any cut-backs in your area by giving food to homeless free cafes. That will directly help!

Go downtown & you’ll see plenty. Try not to be judgmental: just get them a meal, as outlined above. Thank you.IMG_0587

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What Happened to Your Self-Respect?

Push with the energy that comes at you

Taichi master nanchangIMG_0050
T’ai Chi Grand Master, Shijiazhuang, China

We’ve been through a lot over the last few months, haven’t we?

But Now Is For You!  Walk away from what troubles you.  Be the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

  1. Walk away from what slows you down.  Turn your back on people who don’t believe in you.

It’s that easy.  

Remember that other people, even your oldest friends, are also confused now.  Give them their privacy and space. 

2. Notice how You feel.  

Give yourself your peace of mind.

3. Remember your ‘inner life.’   Remember ‘Me Time’.

Pay attention to this and respect yourself.

4.  It’s spring!  Be curious again!   Remember?  You matter.  

(Forget Washington and New York; forget local gossip. Forget ‘the experts.’)

5. Notice when you feel threatened or nervous.

Take a slow, deep breath, relax your neck and shoulders. Close your eyes and be peaceful.


  1. Gentle Hatha Yoga taught by an experienced teacher.  Stick with something basic and simple for now.

      2.  T’ai Qi Qi Gong or Qi Gong is perfect if you need more.  I have a lot of energy, too.  (I brought DVD’s from the Orient.  Sometimes ‘qi’ is written ‘chi’.)

T’ai Qi Qi Gong and Qi Gong are soothing and dance-like. They don’t demand perfection and ‘corrections.’

These are done all over Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand, in parks,  the grassy areas around art museums, and in Taipei, large classes are held outside and above the subways.

And for right now,  they’re perfect for easing you out of tension.

3. Don’t commit to something that you don’t understand


Find an authentic form of Gentle Hatha Yoga and these gentle Qi systems.   If there are words in the class title you don’t understand, ask the instructor. Sometimes the watered-down versions are speeded up, too.   Maybe you can ask for a demo or to sit in a few minutes of class.

There are DVD’s (look around some of the martial arts/yoga/massage  sites). Keep your eyes open for Free University classes in real time and online.

4. Avoid extremes!

We’re in no shape for more surprises.  But it’s time to wake up and stop being passive!

Turn to yourself. Healing starts from within.

5. Life is more than disappointments, shocking politics, credit cards, angry words and confusing economies.

6. Take care of yourself during all this. You’ll feel better, sleep better, eat less and make better choices.

7. The first step is recovering your self-worth. I know you’ll find it by looking inside.

Lately we’ve all had to be extroverts.  Maybe it’s time to slow down and be quiet for awhile, too.


My travels in Asia can’t be duplicated (see the photo above; I was right there, with a Chinese man handing me a fencing pole the size of a telephone pole).

Frankly I miss all the adventures and challenges, the unusual studies (like pole fencing on the Mainland and  T’ai Chi and fan-dancing in Taiwan, with all the lunges, swooping and snaps).  I miss surprises like platoons of people doing sword dancing that looked like battles.

But now I have new challenges and adventures.  I’ve returned to the States, perhaps for good.

Like many other authors,  I couldn’t write for months.  But I’m back. I’m even teaching again. I’d love to get a note from my readers, too.


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Winter reading for free

Hello from stormy western Nebraska.  An hour ago I was going to ride my bicycle to the library. Now the wind’s ripping through the trees & the sky’s black. And so, here are places you can get free digital reads.

Hathi Trust is one place for interesting books of all kinds. http://www.hathitrust.org.  I’m fond of fiction, so I read a long-neglected Scots author, Susan Ferrier.  I read all her novels, but my favorite is Marriage.  It’s not difficult and it’s fun (at least I thought so, but you might like more action-packed stories). From a writer’s point of view, it was interesting how she created love between opposites and made the explanations really entertaining.  Hathi Trust is worth it.  Far beyond the other services in terms of actual books, not just ancient farm manuals or mail records.  If you have trouble, use the help features and get a human. They’ll get you where you need to go. You don’t need to be part of a college or library, either.

I found some history there I needed for a book I’m slowly writing — and on Google Play. (About the tourists who visited the Scots highlands in the early 1800’s.)  You could focus on what you like.

I also use Open Library. It’s much easier than Internet Archives, which I think means well but wastes a lot of time & doesn’t give you the books they really have. Open Library’s pretty straightforward. Hathi, Google Play and Open Library are, of course, free.  They have services that charge you, but it’s clearly marked and avoided.

Burgomeister’s my old stand-by, but sometimes it disappears for a little while.  That seems to be the case right now, but I’ll keep sending the ‘owner’ email.  Sometimes using a vpn/proxy works, sometimes not.

Libraries now have free downloads for kindles and other reading devices, so you can stay out of the cold. I need to take advantage of the kindle set up; but I had some trouble with Amazon,  got lazy & stopped at 2 free downloads.  Libraries have lists of newspapers, books and magazines and several ways of getting them. Just phone or email your library. If you don’t have  a card, you can probably do that online, too.

I tried to stay ‘informed’ last fall & ended up being one more lied-to American. The New Yorker’s cartoons seemed to understand what we were going through. But they were manipulating us, just like everybody else.

So many things have turned out to be untrue, others might be worse.  I refuse to get involved again.   However, I’m going to be optimistic and more of an individual than ever.  And I will NOT read ‘the news.’  If things get really bad, I’m not afraid to leave.  It’s primitive & lonely away from the States, but not impossible…

Mind-readers among you, don’t be shocked at my language…

Keep in touch.  Remember, I live in a deeply conservative area right now & appreciate every gentle reminder of friendship.

Julia Bates

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