I got the idea…

in a motel in northwest Oklahoma, just under a year ago. I went to my room and started writing and I haven’t stopped.

There were tumbleweeds blowing down the sidewalks & this handsome guy was leaning on the counter, talking to the clerk about the latest tornado.

The book’s with a publisher now, so keep your eyes peeled. These few paragraphs aren’t the ‘real stuff.’  It’s real conservative where I live so this is middlin’.

But Titus & Cody are pretty energetic, pretty sly. They can’t keep their clothes on very long (they take ’em off every 7-8 pages).

BTW. I’m not clinical/analytical. Love = action = sex.

Here’s a sample. Cody & Titus ‘met’ at a party.  6 hours later, she had to go home. They spent the small hours on the grass, in the dark, drinking champagne & …


He said “Nice to meet you, Dr. Tredwell.”

He still held her hand and he was smiling. She noticed how long and strong his fingers were.  How would those fingers feel on her body? And that hand. How would it feel, holding her tight?  She dreamed about her hand holding other parts of him, one part in particular.

“I hope I’m makin’ that plain to him…”

They were in the lobby of a very private hotel, standing much closer than was strictly necessary.

None of the men she worked with noticed her. They saw her as the chief’s smart, reliable assistant.  They never thought about how she was in bed or what she could do to a man. Well, Titus Stone saw her.  And he wanted her.

She whispered, “It’s sure good to meet up with you…”

His deep voice rumbled. “I think you’re real important, Cody.”

It was clear that they wanted each other, right away.

She glanced at her watch and he made his move.  He had to speak in a kind of code, but she understood him. Perfectly.

He said, “Real soon now. What do you say to that?”

It seemed to him that her white blonde hair and thick black eyelashes made a man look hard at her face. Especially at her lips.  Her lips were plump and shapely, seeming to invite his … everywhere …

“I didn’t get a good look at that bottom of hers…”

Instead he looked at her lovely eyes.

“I think her eyes would make me real …

They were strangers but that didn’t even slow her down.  First, she rubbed her … against his arm. Then her … brushed his hand.  An exclusive hotel didn’t let things like this happen in their lobby.  But she did those things and it turned him on.

Suddenly her soft, full … were pushing on him. When she heard him gasp, she shifted her weight a little and pressed on him again. This time she stretched a long sexy leg across his …  and nudged him with her … Turning to leave him she breathed in his ear and her … rolled over his chest.

Nobody saw her do this because it happened so fast. Nobody suspected a thing because she was a pretty woman with an important job. And she looked respectable. But he got the message.

They went outdoors and as soon as they were alone he reached out for her. He felt her … and pushed his…


I wrote for everybody who needs a break from Life. And it’s  juicy reading. The ‘readability score’ is 85.5: a person can just cruise along & read and read.  You get involved in the hot times they have & forget everything . (I taught Creative English. Remember how some things make you put your book down & walk away? Not This Book.)

No jumping around, no flashbacks, preaching or long descriptions.  Sexy Oil Field Lover’s good dirty fun for an office worker, a caregiver, a nurse’s aid or an orderly after a long day (I ran this by plenty of exhausted people). If you’re a customer service rep or the teller at a bank, or you work at Walmart, Taco Hut or Safeway, or if you teach piano or play in an orchestra…if you graduated from 7th grade or graduate school & know the facts of life, Sexy Oil Field Lover is for you.

The plot’s fun to read (not so fun to live around, like I did). There are some adventures and violence — you know that Okies believe in their right to firearms.  There are small armies of thugs…

And in the book, poor people do desperate things. (Titus worked in the oil fields, moved to town & became an entrepreneur. The small towns are real jealous of him, want to hurt him..)

But none of that overshadows the romance.  It’s a love story.  That’s the main idea. 260 pages…many of them showing two naked people in love…

And there’s a beginning, a middle and a HEA. I’m actually proud of my work.

You might not care about this, but the Creative Writer in me cares. I heard it and I wrote it down.

People in the southern part of the state talk like this. What the poet said is true. The waitress really does call you ‘Baby.’ (And so do Titus and Cody, when they’re alone. They say a lot of things to each other, which I write down for you to enjoy.)

I changed all the place names because it’s real truthful & I don’t relish getting busted.


So the idea came to me, watching this gorgeous dude in a motel lobby during a tornado. Hope you’ll pick up my book & have a hell of a good time.

All the Best!

Julia Bates

But why don’t you just call me ‘Julie’?

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