She’s My Little Rock & Roll..

Remember that song by the Stones, long long ago? Pretty creative, energetic, descriptive?  Recall the next line: ‘Her … got soul…’

Creativity is the way to keep your soul as your own.  You can quote me on that.

I was reading up on deep point of view today.  My favorite explanation is here:

Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

Writers in the Storm isn’t always my favorite writing blog, but this was just perfect.  It explains very clearly what publishers (so far as I know) demand of us, if we’re writing love stories.  (I don’t know about other forms of fiction, but non-fiction doesn’t have these expectations.)

Frankly, I became exasperated with Writers in the Storm when they went on a tech-is-Life jag.  I’m pretty strong on keeping humans in charge.  There are so many wonderful sci fi stories about humans becoming passive and lazy.  I read some especially chilling ones this last year.   I’m careful about using too many gadgets and devices to do my writing for me.

At any rate, I do recommend this post.  It also gives credence to using fewer and more descriptive dialogue tags, even if you’re uninterested in the other stuff.  I think we can all learn from this post.

Although I’ve read Julia Quinn novels and agree with other authors that JQ’s text is ‘sparse’ — I enjoy her light touch and simplicity.  Also, I think her sparse prose sends us a wonderful sense of FUN.

I’m looking over my dream-journals (I’ve written my dreams down for years, first thing each morning) to make my descriptions come alive.  Hemingway refused to describe his protagonists.  I describe people once and that’s enough.  I simply won’t shove long-winded descriptions down readers throats.

But I want to be fair so I looked over some of Julia Quinn’s books today.  I decided that learning to have a light, cheerful touch is probably the answer.

Another idea is to look at your own journals/dream journals.   Translating a dream into everyday English does strengthen your powers of description.  You have taken an abstract thought and put it into robust, earthy English. And diaries/journals do keep us describing our emotions.

A little talk about technique that will hopefully help!  Keep in touch.  Julia Bates






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