Have the guts: Is writing your vocation?

“Volition and Vocation” = guts, stamina, personal will to achieve what you know you should do.

In a fragmented age it’s hard to even want to follow your own path.  But it’s more important now than ever.  Take a deep breath.  Do you want to express yourself?  Look around.  Find out what you can do, immediately.  Do you need to earn a little money?  Figure that in and get moving.

Is writing your vocation?  Are you flexible?  But can you still be yourself?

Studying other writers last night, I kept coming on that phrase, “Volition and Vocation.”  It means many things.  For most of us today, it simply means putting our heads down and being the artists we know we are. Going for it, despite all the distractions.

The ancient Greeks and Romans, talking about the work of art itself, said that it should ‘move’ a person, from one state of mind to another.

That’s how I feel about my life work.  It must constantly challenge and move me, from a stalemate to a vital, living and breathing way of life.

What we do should move us and change us for the better.


So far, micro-jobs don’t cut it — for me.  I frankly don’t believe that life is profile-driven.  I’ve read others who get ‘sucked down the rabbit hole of the internet’ in this process.

But if you can get through their process quickly, that’s one idea for you! I met a Scotsman (in Thailand) yesterday who supports himself, traveling for months at a time, writing about what interests him. He started with micro-jobs.

His advice:  there are thousands of micro-jobs on the Net.  Just find something that interests you… it works. Give me feedback about how you were able to cope with micro-jobs!

(My only good experience with a micro-job so far:  the chat line people were very helpful. I’m an expert now on customer service reps. Maybe I’ll write an article on that.)

Now in my heart of hearts, I’d just like to finish Sexy Oil Field Lover!

You might also be interested to know that non fiction article writing is a bit more ‘human’ than it was for a few years.  I’ve seen a few ads lately asking for ‘less emphasis on media’ which is nice.  (More writing, fewer supporting videos).  I still like Writers Market and some online marketing services, too. Quite a bit of work, but it’s worth it.

(I published my first article in  an internationally published trade magazine in 1995.  I threw a yoga hand-out I’d written into an envelope. They published it as a ‘linked poem’ and I wrote for them for over 10 years.)

Time to meet a friend for lunch.   Let me know what you’re up to. You’re interesting, you know.



Taichi master nanchangIMG_0050

pushing with the energy that comes at you…

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