Correction: VR, Media, Pokemon Go. And Point of View

Howdy.  Being a responsible writer, let me say “I was wrong.”

Virtual Reality

I thought this little story was interesting.  It even mentions The (great) New Yorker.  (

I swear I read what I’d said earlier; but maybe i dreamed it.

It doesn’t look like magazines are less interested now in media. (I said that a post or two ago.)


I have now read every book on writing 3rd Limited/Close and the evil habit of straying into 3rd Omniscient.  I’ve also alienated all my friends, asking for advice.

I finally wrote some ‘experts’ as to where I could take a class/workshop.  I think I’m OK with writing in 3rd Limited now. But i want this to be as fool proof as my non fiction about cowboys in Oklahoma or shamans in Nepal.

I’ve seen hundreds of letters from writers struggling with this POV thing, too.  They’re all over the Net, frantically asking for help. And the dozens of unrealistic articles:  ‘You have to choose which pov suits you!’

I know that a critique group or even hiring an editor won’t correct this.  I have to learn it for myself.

Tune in for the results.  I’ll post where to find those classes.

Thanks again for your comments.  I learn a lot from you!  Julie


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