Cody:  Everybody says how sexy the Thai women are & just how they treat a handsome man like you.  Why didn’t you stay there?

Titus:  Well, sure, the women were beautiful & gosh, Cody. I can’t say they didn’t do everything they could to tempt a man.

<Captured by that memory, looking back is written all over his face:  his half-shut eyes, parted lips, rapid gasping breath.>

<Suddenly snaps out of it. Shakes himself, dazed wild look in his eyes.> Where am I?  Oh yeah.

Sure, uh,  Hi, Cody.

<Embarrassed.  Clears his throat.>  A-hem.  

<Resumes their conversation> Those tropical paradise places sure are easy. There was plenty of oil work off shore, too.  And I could’ve consulted from there…

Cody: Then what made you come back to Oklahoma?

Titus:  You recall TS Eliot’s “The Lotus Eaters….”

Cody:  You know, he didn’t write that. It was Alfred Lord Tennyson did.  “The Lotos-Eaters.”

Titus:  You know, you’re right.  I remember that now.  Well.  I stand corrected!

Cody:  I fell into that same mistake.  I wish Eliot had written more directly on that theme, “The Lotus Eaters.”  Certainly many people did write about it.  If you look even at The Time Machine and the Eloi, they were of that same complaisant temperament.  And just what did that MEAN?

But frankly, I stopped reading Tennyson after the tenth volume.  Never got to the real stuff with him, I’m afraid.

Titus: Well then let’s skip back to the Odyssey itself and the island where Odysseus and his men were besieged by these women with their lotus-fruit…

Cody:  By the way. I feel the best translations, hands down, are Richard Lattimore’s, for the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Titus:  I agree.  I read Lattimore’s translations of other Greek poems, too.  But I do wish a more truly musical treatment were on the market for Homer’s epics.

Cody:  Whom would you think?  Burton Watson?  <She snuggled against his chest.>

Titus:  My Cody, you’re awfully beautiful tonight.  <His fingers drifted down her neck>  Who was it now translated Ikkyu?

Cody:  Who? … Oh, Ikkyu…Titus, what are you doing there?…  I don’t … know about…   Ikkyu….  Was he the real sexy one?

Titus:  Mmmm. You bet.  <Feeling the soft skin between her thighs…>


To be continued

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