What Happened to Your Self-Respect?

Push with the energy that comes at you

Taichi master nanchangIMG_0050
T’ai Chi Grand Master, Shijiazhuang, China

We’ve been through a lot over the last few months, haven’t we?

But Now Is For You!  Walk away from what troubles you.  Be the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

  1. Walk away from what slows you down.  Turn your back on people who don’t believe in you.

It’s that easy.  

Remember that other people, even your oldest friends, are also confused now.  Give them their privacy and space. 

2. Notice how You feel.  

Give yourself your peace of mind.

3. Remember your ‘inner life.’   Remember ‘Me Time’.

Pay attention to this and respect yourself.

4.  It’s spring!  Be curious again!   Remember?  You matter.  

(Forget Washington and New York; forget local gossip. Forget ‘the experts.’)

5. Notice when you feel threatened or nervous.

Take a slow, deep breath, relax your neck and shoulders. Close your eyes and be peaceful.


  1. Gentle Hatha Yoga taught by an experienced teacher.  Stick with something basic and simple for now.

      2.  T’ai Qi Qi Gong or Qi Gong is perfect if you need more.  I have a lot of energy, too.  (I brought DVD’s from the Orient.  Sometimes ‘qi’ is written ‘chi’.)

T’ai Qi Qi Gong and Qi Gong are soothing and dance-like. They don’t demand perfection and ‘corrections.’

These are done all over Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand, in parks,  the grassy areas around art museums, and in Taipei, large classes are held outside and above the subways.

And for right now,  they’re perfect for easing you out of tension.

3. Don’t commit to something that you don’t understand


Find an authentic form of Gentle Hatha Yoga and these gentle Qi systems.   If there are words in the class title you don’t understand, ask the instructor. Sometimes the watered-down versions are speeded up, too.   Maybe you can ask for a demo or to sit in a few minutes of class.

There are DVD’s (look around some of the martial arts/yoga/massage  sites). Keep your eyes open for Free University classes in real time and online.

4. Avoid extremes!

We’re in no shape for more surprises.  But it’s time to wake up and stop being passive!

Turn to yourself. Healing starts from within.

5. Life is more than disappointments, shocking politics, credit cards, angry words and confusing economies.

6. Take care of yourself during all this. You’ll feel better, sleep better, eat less and make better choices.

7. The first step is recovering your self-worth. I know you’ll find it by looking inside.

Lately we’ve all had to be extroverts.  Maybe it’s time to slow down and be quiet for awhile, too.


My travels in Asia can’t be duplicated (see the photo above; I was right there, with a Chinese man handing me a fencing pole the size of a telephone pole).

Frankly I miss all the adventures and challenges, the unusual studies (like pole fencing on the Mainland and  T’ai Chi and fan-dancing in Taiwan, with all the lunges, swooping and snaps).  I miss surprises like platoons of people doing sword dancing that looked like battles.

But now I have new challenges and adventures.  I’ve returned to the States, perhaps for good.

Like many other authors,  I couldn’t write for months.  But I’m back. I’m even teaching again. I’d love to get a note from my readers, too.


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