Best-selling Indie author Victorine E. Lieske is an expert on SELLING E BOOKS

There are many places on the Net where you can read about Victorine’s stunning success.  Writer Joe Konrath’s blog is  awesome for his financial and e book sales figures as well as hers.  Just keep scrolling down after reading her guest blog.


Her latest published clean romance is Her Big Fat Foxy Billionaire Best Friend. It’s also a stand-alone novel, at Amazon for 99 cents.  (It’s adorable, sensual and filled with startling changes of direction. And it’s hilarious.  It also reminds us of the hope we might have lost over the year.  She made me believe it’s still there.)

Besides a newly released stand-alone (and quite a few projects to help writers) Vickie’s posted her unpublished but (to my eyes) quite good novel in progress.  The first couple of chapters are a free read here

Don’t be intimidated by the digital sales talk — unless you need to ask a professional a question. The posting is there so readers and writers can …. read her work.

Enjoy! and always write me.

Julia Bates


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