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Feed a homeless person on Earth Day 2017

Homelessness exists even on Earth Day. Homeless shelters are regularly full & they must turn people away. Please remember to give to facilities that give meals to homeless people. Don’t shame these homeless people: just get some food to them. … Continue reading

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What Happened to Your Self-Respect?

Push with the energy that comes at you T’ai Chi Grand Master, Shijiazhuang, China Guest blog by Mary Ann Davis Writer & Teacher: Back Pain Yoga, Yoga & ESL We’ve been through a lot over the last few months, haven’t … Continue reading

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Winter reading for free

Hello from stormy western Nebraska.  An hour ago I was going to ride my bicycle to the library. Now the wind’s ripping through the trees & the sky’s black. And so, here are places you can get free digital reads. … Continue reading

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Cody:  Everybody says how sexy the Thai women are & just how they treat a handsome man like you.  Why didn’t you stay there? Titus:  Well, sure, the women were beautiful & gosh, Cody. I can’t say they didn’t do everything they … Continue reading

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Correction: VR, Media, Pokemon Go. And Point of View

Howdy.  Being a responsible writer, let me say “I was wrong.” Virtual Reality I thought this little story was interesting.  It even mentions The (great) New Yorker.  ( I swear I read what I’d said earlier; but maybe i dreamed … Continue reading

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Have the guts: Is writing your vocation?

“Volition and Vocation” = guts, stamina, personal will to achieve what you know you should do. In a fragmented age it’s hard to even want to follow your own path.  But it’s more important now than ever.  Take a deep breath.  Do … Continue reading

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I’m not a big fan of rules, any kind of rules. When 3 publishers wrote to see my full manuscript I didn’t exactly celebrate. It was more how I tidied up my desk, cleaned the computer screen, bought a new … Continue reading

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